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Well-Equipped Maintenance Teams Increase Bottom-Line Profits

Ruth Hughes, CMRP, MVP One Founder & CEO

In 2000, I started CMMS Data Group, now MVP One, for the sole purpose of helping MP2 CMMS Software users (CMMS = Computerized Maintenance Management System). I wanted to make the lives of maintenance teams easier by making MP2 easier to use. Why? Because while working as a Datastream MP2 CMMS training consultant from 1998-2000, every time that I left a plant (after a week’s long training class), if I didn’t hear the following words, I saw them in their eyes:

  • “How do I get the data into the system?”
  • "What are other plants doing?”
  • "Can you come back and help?”

To answer the question, “Can you come back and help,” and to provide a solution, I started MVP One in 2000. To answer the question, “How do I get all the data into the system,” and to provide a mobile CMMS app, I built MVP Capture, now MVP One Mobile CMMS, the same year.

After MVP Capture Mobile CMMS was released, I was repeatedly asked, “When are you going to write you own CMMS software?” To answer that question (which was beyond my wildest dreams), MVP Plant CMMS software, now MVP One CMMS Software, was launched in 2008. (And for the last 5 years in a row, MVP One CMMS Software won Plant Engineering's Product of the Year award and was just nominated again this year!)

How a Maintenance Department Adds Value to Your Entire Organization

Since 2000, I always thought our products and services provided value only to maintenance departments. However, it was not until recently, in November of 2022 to be exact, that I began to realize that the value that we have been providing doesn’t stop at the maintenance department, it only begins there.

Achieve Operational Reliability with Maintenance Excellence Status Assessments (MESAs)

In 2018, we added the reliability engineering division to our operations. Since 2018, Bill Mountjoy, VP of Reliability Engineering, and his team of reliability engineers have been performing our version of maintenance audits, Maintenance Excellence Status Assessments (MESAs).

As we rolled out MVP One to our 3 distribution centers, we knew that we needed to set standards (to have apple-to-apple metrics) and devise a plan to achieve our goals. Using their extensive knowledge and adapting it to MVP One, MVP One’s reliability engineering team set the standards and performed a MESA, giving us a step-by-step plan to achieve our goals.

-Brian Poveromo, Senior Facility & Maintenance Manager, American Eagle Outfitters

Last year, to clarify our marketing message, I asked Bill, “Why do we perform MESAs? Is it specifically to achieve maintenance excellence? Is it to improve asset performance? Is to maximize plant profitability? Why the heck do we perform MESAs?” I kept asking him these questions and on November 18, 2022, he sent me the following slide (which will be added to the next edition of the book that he co-authored with Don Nyman, Founding Maintenance and Reliability Excellence Thought Leader, Maintenance & Operational Reliability: The 24 Essential Building Blocks:

It hit me like a lightning bolt and began to sink in. With Bill’s and Don Nyman’s knowledge and help, I learned that we perform MESAs to enable maintenance departments to achieve maintenance excellence. When a maintenance department achieves maintenance excellence, they are enabled to deliver reliable asset capacity to Production which translates into operational reliability.

Operational Reliability Increases Bottom-Line Profits

When Production receives the gift of operational reliability, production schedules can be met at the targeted quality level and manufacturing cost. This not only makes external customers happy, but internal customers too! Equipment isn’t failing, stress levels aren’t rising, overtime isn’t accrued, profits aren’t shrinking, and chaos isn’t the name of the game. Customer satisfaction is the name of the game and is what enables companies to remain competitive, profitable, and in business.

WOW! I couldn’t believe it! We’ve not only been helping make the lives of maintenance men and women easier, but we’ve also been helping manufacturing organizations remain competitive, profitable, and in business.

So be nice to Maintenance and give them the tools, support, resources, respect, and recognition they deserve and need to be successful because the profitability and longevity of your business depend on them.

Let MVP One Help You Improve Your Plant’s Bottom-Line Profits

Regardless of the CMMS/EAM software that you use (or don't have), Contact Us today to schedule a MESA to start (or accelerate) your maintenance excellence journey and improve bottom-line profits!

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