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Spring Release 2024

Robert Spearing, Marketing Manager - 4 minute read

MVP One continues to empower users with valuable updates designed to streamline workflows and enhance data management. Here is a breakdown of some of the exciting new features available in the latest Spring 2024 release.

Simplified Work Order and Work Request Creation

Great news for streamlining your maintenance workflows! The latest release of MVP One removes the requirement to select an Asset Class when creating Work Orders or Work Requests.

With this update, users can simply create a Work Order or Work Request without needing to worry about selecting an Asset Class upfront. The class can be assigned later during the process, or even after the initial creation. This offers greater flexibility and streamlines your workflow.

Enhanced Financial Reporting with Budget Transactions

Gaining deeper insights into your finances just got easier. MVP One now includes a new child grid report titled Budget Transactions. This report seamlessly integrates with your existing Accounting records, providing a clear view of transactions within Accounts, Cost Centers, Departments, and Expense Classes.

Improved Asset Management with Replace Repairable Spare

The Replace Repairable Spare action created to expedite a technicians workflow when it comes to replacing repairable spares on work orders.

With this update, technicians can:

• Quickly and easily initiate the replacement process directly within a Work Order, saving valuable time.

 Maintain accurate asset records by streamlining the documentation of spare part replacements.

• Enhance overall maintenance efficiency with a more user-friendly workflow.

Reliable Webhook Delivery with Automatic Retries

We have updated our webhooks with an automatic and manual retrying feature, ensuring the reliable delivery of your critical data. Our automatic retry feature, features an exponential back-off and jitter component to help prevent failed webhooks from retrying at the same time in the event a server goes down. In addition to automatic retrying, we have also added a way to manually force the webhook to retry, providing greater control over the process.

Ensure Clean Data with Parts Merge

MVP One customers on the Gold tier can now leverage the powerful new Part Merge feature! This functionality allows you to combine two parts records and select the information you want to keep from each record.

Here's how Part Merge empowers your inventory control:

• Eliminate Duplicate Records: Consolidate duplicate part records created for the same item. This cleans up your digital inventory and reduces confusion.

• Selective Merge: Choose which information to retain from each part record during the merge process. This ensures you capture the most accurate and relevant data for your unified record.

• Maintain Historical Information: Part Merge preserves the historical information and transactions associated with both part records. You won't lose valuable tracking data while cleaning up your inventory.

This exciting new feature is available for customers on the Gold tier. If you’re interested in using Part Merge, please contact MVP One technical support to activate the feature.

These latest additions to MVP One demonstrate the platform's dedication to continuous improvement.  We constantly strive to improve MVP One based on valuable customer input. Your feedback fuels our innovation, allowing us to deliver even more value each release.

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