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Reliability Engineering

Win Reliability

Regardless of where you are on your maintenance excellence journey, from start to finish, we are here to help.
Nyman, Don and Bill Mountjoy. Maintenance & Operational Reliability, (South Norwalk: Industrial Press, 2022).

Benefits of Maintenance Excellence!

When organizations achieve maintenance excellence, they transition from reactive repair to reliable asset capacity, gain a competitive edge, and sustain long-term business viability by realizing the following:

Improved Uptime

World-Class Standard: 98%

Maximized Profits

Reduced Maintenance Costs &
Increased Operational Profitability

Mitigated Risk

Regulatory Compliance, Quality, Safety, & Property Loss

Optimized Inventory

Reduced Downtime (by 25+%)

Our Reliability Engineering Services


Gain insight on how to quickly improve (in the right sequence) and achieve success.


Realize the benefits of your CMMS software.

KPI Reporting

Learn what key performance indicators (KPIs) to track to detect improvement opportunities.


Unleash the power of your team.


Learn how to develop preventive & predictive maintenance strategies for increased operational reliability.

Storeroom Services

Tame the inventory beast.

Vertical Startups

Achieve expected equipment performance levels within 60 days of installation.

Sheila Ruby, Supply Chain Analyst
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The Reliability Engineering Team

We help organizations achieve maintenance excellence with 75+ years of reliability engineering experience...
Bill Mountjoy - VP of Reliability Engineering, CMMS Data Group
Bill Mountjoy, CMRP
VP of Reliability Engineering
Steve Janow
Sr. Reliability Consultant
Ron Bryant
Reliability Consultant
Ron Bryant has over 20 years of experience in inventory, CMMS, and implementing maintenance best practices. His past successes include setting up and managing a storeroom for a major electronics assembly facility along with implementing a CMMS across multiple sites. He has also handled purchasing activities and overseeing vendor managed inventory (VMI).

Before joining CDG in 2021, he worked as a customer relations and training/implementation specialist in a role that also involved creating PM programs using FMEA based methodologies. He has a passion for helping people to learn and use reliability best practices to eliminate waste in their processes and bring tangible results and data-driven improvements to their maintenance and inventory efforts.

New Book! Maintenance & Operational Reliability


Sheila Ruby, Supply Chain Analyst
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