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Maintenance Assessments

Maintenance Excellence Status Assessment (MESA)

Don’t know where to start (or accelerate) your Maintenance, Operations, & Reliability Excellence! (MORE!) journey? Look no further, MESAs (maintenance assessments) are here to help.

Once assessed, the following MESA deliverables will give your organization the direction it needs to achieve maintenance excellence (reliable asset capacity, improved customer satisfaction, and business preservation):

-Narrative summary
-Gap analysis
-Master project plan (tasks, timeline, & required resources)

Sheila Ruby, Supply Chain Analyst
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Reliability Webinar

Bill Mountjoy - VP of Reliability Engineering, CMMS Data Group
Bill Mountjoy, CMRP
VP of Reliability Engineering, MVP One
Watch the above webinar, led by Bill Mountjoy, to learn about MESAs.

Maintenance Assessment Overview

Each MESA (Gold, CMMS, Parts, PMs) lets you know what needs to be improved and when and how to improve it. The “Aha!” MESA moments will be surprising, especially when they make everyone's job easier and your plant more profitable.

Why CDG Maintenance Assessment?

Our in-depth, hands-on knowledge and experience give you, your team, and your organization the confidence and a practical perspective on how to quickly improve and achieve objectives.

The 15 Assessment Categories of MORE!

Budgetary & cost control
Equipment & facilities
Governing principles
Inventory management
Job planning
Key performance indicators (KPIs)
Maintenance engineering
Master plan & status assessment
Organizational size & structure
PM / PdM program
Skills assessment & training
Supervisory practices
Work order system
Work scheduling

Maintenance Assessment Options

3 Days Onsite, 1 Day Offsite
2 Days Onsite, 1 Day Offsite
Parts MESA
2 Days Onsite, 1 Day Offsite
2 Days Onsite, 1 Day Offsite


This analysis lets you know:
The results of the 1,000-point quantitative and qualitative analysis evaluating The 15 Assessment Categories of MORE!.
How far along your site is on its journey, whether highly reactive or approaching world-class.Whether policies and procedures, managerial tools, and operational alignment exist to establish Maintenance as a profit center.
The total impact of your company’s operations on MORE!.
Critical gaps and opportunities to improve operational performance with quantifiable results.
How to improve and track progress via a customized Master Plan*.


This analysis lets you know:
How well your CMMS is being utilized to support best practices and achieve MORE! goals.
Whether your CMMS utilization is supported by effective procedures and management policies.
If data structures are standardized and properly populated to support KPI tracking and continuous improvement.
How to improve and track progress via a customized Master Plan*.

Parts MESA

This analysis lets you know:
How well your physical storeroom is organized and managed for functional efficiency.
Whether your storeroom has the proper policies and procedures to maintain data integrity.
If data is effectively populated and managed to support perpetual inventory control.
How to improve and track progress via a customized Master Plan*.


This analysis lets you know:
If comprehensive PM strategies exist (by asset) to support equipment reliability and lifecycle costing.
Your current PM compliance and how it validates effectiveness.
How to establish an optimization strategy using work order history and line event data system (LEDS) information.
Which PM strategies need to be optimized based on asset criticality.
How to improve and track progress via a customized Master Plan*.

Master Plan

*The Master Plan is a customized plan of sequenced tasks (with required resources) and prioritized timelines, enabling maintenance organizations to achieve MORE!, accomplish expected improvements, and track long-term progress.

MESA Sampler – See Where you Rank!

Take this complimentary, high-level (about 1/10th of a complete MESA Gold assessment) MESA Sampler to gauge where you and your organization would rank in 4 of The 15 Assessment Categories of MORE! (Approximately 10 Minutes)


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