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Welcome to the Future of CMMS. Welcome to the Next Generation of MVP Plant.

Ruth Hughes, CMRP & CDG Founder & CEO

Happy New Year! I’m excited to let you know that for the last year, we’ve been hard at work developing the next generation of CMMS software, MVP Plant v2.0.

In 2008, the 1st version of MVP Plant was released. Since then, we’ve listened closely to our customers and as a result, each new release (occurring 3 times per year) reflected their ideas and enhancement requests. This feedback, along with the latest development technologies, has made MVP Plant what it is today...the best CMMS software available on the market today!

“A CMMS system design with the end-user in mind; they listened to the voice of the customer

— Stephen Lord, Maintenance Planner, Oberto Brands

Fast forward 9 years and we’re still closely listening. To support growing customer demand, CMMS Data Group is creating the next generation of MVP Plant and continues to fulfill its promise of using the newest and most powerful technologies in our software development process. As such, MVP Plant remains cutting-edge and customers experience, first-hand, our development team's expertise and dedication to excellence and technology.

Using customer feedback and the latest development technologies, the following MVP Plant v2.0 benefits will surpass customer expectations:

  • Faster
  • MVP Plant v2.0 is now even faster with quicker page response times. Additionally, its new layout enables actions to be performed faster than ever before.
  • Increased User-Friendliness for Touch Interface
  • With bigger text, bigger buttons, and bigger checkboxes, MVP Plant v2.0 is now even more touch-friendly.
  • Jump-To Sections
  • The tabs at the top of each page have been replaced with anchored sections, allowing for jump-to speed and unlimited growth for each section.
  • Maximized Screen Real Estate
  • MVP Plant’s screen real estate has been optimized, permitting more information to be seen on the screen. (The original layout was designed when the most common screen size was 1024 x 768, before response design and high resolution monitors were the norm.)
  • Multi-Language
  • Select your preferred language and voilà, menus and pages are automatically translated. The initial release will support Spanish, with other languages to follow. (Other software companies use overlays such as Google Translator which is prone to improper translation.) CMMS Data Group does it right, hence, languages are translated by technical language experts and stored in MVP Plant’s database to deliver correct translations.
  • Next Record Button
  • The Next Record button has been added, making it faster and easier to advance through records one at a time.
  • Responsive Web Design (Dynamic Sizing)
  • Dynamic sizing allows menus, forms, and the number of columns to automatically adjust (collapse, expand, and resize) regardless of the device (TV, HD Monitor, Tablet, Phone, etc.). The larger the screen, the more columns will be seen, optimizing the real estate on any sized device.
  • Unlimited Scrolling
  • Paging (in the List view) has been eliminated, making MVP Plant feel more like an application and less like a website. New rows quickly and automatically load as you scroll down a list.
  • Zoom Feature
  • Use your browser’s zoom feature to scale the page (enlarge or shrink text), making pages easier to read.

Why MVP Plant 2.0 was Developed

Jason Armalis, CMMS Data Group’s Director of Software Development, was recently asked this question and his response follows:

“We decided to create MVP Plant v2.0 to take advantage of modern browsers (latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, IE, Edge) and newer development frameworks (Bootstrap, ASP.NET Core). By redesigning MVP Plant for modern browsers, we are able to give users a better experience on devices such as desktops, tablets, and cell phones. MVP Plant will not only look better, but it will be fully functional and easier-to-use on all devices.

— Jason Armalis

To maintenance and reliability success!

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