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Technical Support Makes or Breaks a Successful Software Implementation

Ruth Hughes, CMRP & CDG Founder & CEO

Software solutions are purchased because they solve an issue and / or offer significant business value. When you find the one that’s right for you and your company, it’s time to celebrate! But wait, don’t get too excited just yet. Before you sign the dotted line, make sure that the software provider also provides amazing technical support. Why? Because once you and your team have been trained and your team of training and implementation consultants leave (if you were lucky enough to have had them), the burden of making the software a success is left to your end-users to shoulder. If additional training is not available, the only lifeline that they have left is technical support. When considering the purchase of a software solution, don’t only look at price and features, also look at the software’s technical support reviews because it can break or make the success of a software implementation.

Good technical support promotes a positive and efficient customer experience, matching the complexity of the support case to the appropriate resource to effectively resolve the issue. Support representatives solve technical issues and provide advice to end-users through multiple channels, such as knowledge bases, live chat, emails, phone calls, and more. It also helps when support representatives are friendly, take the extra step, and quickly understand the issue at hand. When issues are quickly remedied, end-user confidence in both the software and its developers increases.

Kevin Taylor, CMMS Data Group’s technical support manager, says excellent service requires critical thinking and dedication to customers and their problems.

“Great technical support is the combination of the right attitude and a nuanced approach to problem-solving. Every second counts and every step and setting matters. But what matters most is that our users feel that we truly care about the issues they encounter.

— Kevin Taylor

Effective technical support is a critical consideration for a software purchase. Frustrating technical support user experiences affect adoption and longevity, forcing companies to spend considerable resources attempting to realize the benefits of their investment.

Ruth Hughes, founder and CEO of CMMS Data Group, says excellent technical support is exceedingly important to end-user happiness because in the long run, end-users are the ones who make a company realize the return on its software investment.

“Quality technical support is key to maintaining a successful software implementation and realizing the full potential of the software and investment. Quality technical support (easy ways to submit issues and enhancement requests as well as quick response times and resolutions) leads to end-user customer satisfaction and long-term software success. While working as a training consultant at another software company, at the end of each class, I would call Technical Support and submit endless bugs and enhancement requests. Unfortunately, they ended up in a black hole and I said to myself, if I ever started my own software company, I would never let this happen, especially since this feedback is invaluable.

— Ruth Hughes

CMMS Data Group has invested in market-leading technical support systems for MVP Plant, its award-winning CMMS, to track active cases, allowing for case routing, resource allocation, and resolution. In addition, this intelligence provides the product team with potential enhancements, bug insights, and trends, serving as an important connection to the software development team, ultimately improving the software and user experience. Additionally, MVP Plant offers in-app live chat support with an average response time of under 30 seconds, enabling customers to realize the value of their CMMS investment while ensuring quality results.

If you are evaluating CMMS solutions, please be sure to give MVP Plant, CMMS Data Group’s flagship software, a look. Customers are more than pleased with MVP Plant and its technical support and its technical support team is more than pleased to help MVP Plant customers achieve success.

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