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Documented Expert Equipment Maintenance Knowledge: A Key to Business Longevity

Ruth Hughes, CMRP, MVP One Founder & CEO - 6 minute read


Expert equipment maintenance knowledge is invaluable because it keeps assets running and (both internal and external) customers happy. External customer satisfaction is achieved when quality products are delivered on time and internal customer satisfaction is achieved when a quality work environment (temperature, lighting, safety, sound, etc.) is delivered. When both internal and external customers are happy, it's easier for companies to remain profitable.

Even though expert equipment maintenance knowledge is key to business longevity, most of the time, it's left undocumented. If it does get documented, it’s usually due to a negative event like a downed piece of equipment or an unhappy customer. Instances like this force companies to analyze issues and find solutions. If an issue is maintenance-related, a root-cause analysis (RCA) is performed, and Maintenance shares its expert equipment knowledge to find solutions. If the company is proactive, the solution (expert equipment maintenance knowledge) is documented and shared to prevent the issue from happening again.

Knowledge Source

What is the source of this expert equipment maintenance knowledge? The source is the incredible men and women who work in maintenance. They are keen problem solvers who keep assets running, customers happy, and companies profitable.

The Value of Knowledge Transfer

What happens when a knowledge source leaves a company due to retirement, to work for another company, or for any other reason? Their expert knowledge goes with them. This is a HUGE loss for an organization because it can lead to downtime, inefficiencies, unhappy customers, and reduced profits. Not only are the technical aspects of maintaining equipment lost but also the best practices, insights, and tricks and tips to extending equipment life.

This is where knowledge transfer and sharing become paramount and where MVP One CMMS/EAM software comes into play. MVP One CMMS/EAM software enables knowledge to be documented and shared and plays a crucial role in facilitating the knowledge transfer process between employees and the organization. If the organization has not mandated that knowledge be documented in MVP One CMMS/EAM by its current staff, it must ensure that as much knowledge as possible is captured prior to an employee's departure.

Knowledge transfer is the process of capturing and disseminating critical information from experienced employees to their successors.

MVP One CMMS/EAM Software: A Knowledge Sharing Solution

MVP One CMMS/EAM software provides a centralized platform where maintenance personnel can document and share their expert equipment maintenance knowledge and insights as follows:

Maintenance Task Scheduling

The software allows for the scheduling and detailed documentation of maintenance tasks. Effectively performing the right maintenance tasks at the right time with the right instructions and parts prevents disruptions. Employees can fine tune or add new maintenance schedules, checklists, procedures, troubleshooting steps, etc. at any time. This ensures that employees have a clear roadmap for optimal equipment maintenance.

Parts & Vendors

When purchasing isn't centralized, many times, maintenance personnel place their own part orders. If a part is difficult to source, many hours can be spent searching for a quality replacement at the best price. Imagine if your most critical piece of equipment goes down and the person responsible for ordering its replacement parts has left the company and the downtime clock is ticking. MVP One CMMS/EAM prevents this scenario by allowing parts and vendor information to be shared.

Predictive Maintenance

The software incorporates predictive maintenance features, which rely on historical data and knowledge, to forecast potential equipment failures, reduce downtime, and increase equipment life. Employees contribute insights to this model to improve accuracy and reduce failures.

Remote Access and Collaboration

MVP One CMMS/EAM software allows remote access for equipment maintenance support, enabling past employees to continue to share knowledge, answer questions, and provide guidance to current staff.

Training & Onboarding

Sharing knowledge provided by experienced personnel not only expedites the learning process but also guarantees that employees, both new and current, are equipped with the right information.

The Bottom Line

To prevent the loss of valuable insights and expertise when experienced employees depart, MVP One CMMS/EAM software offers a robust solution. By documenting expert equipment maintenance knowledge and providing a centralized repository for maintenance data, including tasks, parts, vendors, predictive maintenance, and enabling remote collaboration, the software ensures a seamless transition between generations of employees. This preserves the legacy of knowledge left by former employees, enhancing equipment maintenance efficiency, reliability, and cost-effectiveness, crucial for business longevity.

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