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Introduction to Don Nyman & MVP One’s Newest Blog Series: The Secret Sauce of Maintenance & Reliability Excellence

Don Nyman

Donald H. Nyman is a recognized authority regarding maintenance organizational structure, functional control systems, planning and scheduling, and overall functional improvement. He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Civil Engineering from the Virginia Military Institute, a Master of Science Degree in Industrial Management from the Stevens Institute of Technology, and his military reserve duty was with the Army Corp of Engineers.

Spanning 57 years, Don’s career began at the plant level as an industrial engineer with a leading Fortune 100 company. With eight years of industrial engineering experience under his belt, he then spent the next seven years with a combination of three management consulting firms as the demand for his expertise accelerated. He then returned to corporate life as the Director of Industrial Engineering and Internal Consulting with capital budget responsibilities. For the remaining 34 years of his career, Don founded his own management consulting firm, The Nyman Consulting Group. There he was contracted by four additional management consulting firms as they continued to seek Don’s unique guidance, experience, and expertise.

In composite, Don devoted 60% of his career to maintenance excellence and reliability, 40% to the operational (production) side of business, and directly supported over 300 organizations in 16 countries or five continents, including 46 of the United States.

Through public seminars, books, articles, and associates, he has influenced hundreds of additional organizations. Industries that he has touched, in order of heaviest experience and influence, include food, primary metals, paper, chemicals, utilities, government, financial, education, and healthcare.

Don is now retired and resides in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina. Although retired, he remains active and continues to share his knowledge through writing books and articles, continuing contact with associates, and consulting for MVP One.

New Series: The Secret Sauce of Maintenance & Reliability Excellence

Recently, Don Nyman partnered with Bill Mountjoy, MVP One’s VP of Reliability Engineering, to write the book, Maintenance & Operational Reliability: The 24 Essential Building Blocks (published October 2021). They also created the following "The Pillars of Maintenance & Reliability Excellence” which are foundational to their book:

Maintenance & Reliability Pillars

When organizations achieve maintenance and reliability excellence, they gain a competitive edge and sustain long-term business viability. However, achieving maintenance and reliability excellence is no easy feat. Even if an organization understands the benefits and the commitment, it has no idea where to start. Lucky for us and the rest of the world that Don and Bill have shared not only where to start, but the entire secret sauce of how to achieve maintenance and reliability excellence in their insightful book.

MVP One is more than excited to announce its latest blog series, "The Secret Sauce of Maintenance & Reliability Excellence" authored by legendary Don Nyman. Don will walk the observer through each of the 24 building blocks that make up "The Pillars of Maintenance & Reliability Excellence”.

The Pillars of Maintenance & Reliability Excellence

  • Governing Principles, Strategy & Policy
  • Performance Management
  • Organizational Development
  • Informational Sources
  • Operational Control
  • Asset Reliability

Pillar Topic
Governing Principles, Strategy & Policy 1. The Principals
Performace Management 2. Status Assessment
3. Master Plan
4. Objectives, Goals & Target
5. Key Performance Indicators
6. Budgetary Control
7. Management Reporting & Control
Organizational Development 8. Organization Size & Structure
9. Supervisory Practices
10. Education & Training
Information Sources 11. Management/Operational
Operational Control 12. Macro-Planning
13. Micro-Planning
14. Materials Support & Control
15. Inter-Functional Coordination
16. Job Scheduling
Asset Reliability 17. Reliability Engineering& PM/PdM
18. Technology Enhanced Asset Reliability

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