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How To Justify A Mobile CMMS

Precise work order data is invaluable to organizations because it equips maintenance teams with the information needed to improve equipment reliability, mitigate risk, maximize asset life, and increase overall plant profitability. Plus, it makes audits easier to pass.

However, even though mobile CMMS solutions quickly and easily deliver precise work order data (if not, check out MVP Plant Mobile CMMS), many times, they are thought to be too expensive or unjustifiable.

To help justify a mobile CMMS, update the following table with the average time that it takes to complete each step. Please note that this justification assumes the following:

  1. Work orders are printed out and assigned at the beginning of each shift.
  2. Technicians are responsible for recording updates on their work orders.
  3. Once a work order has been completed, technicians are required to make CMMS work order updates.

(If your team requires different assumptions, please email me and I'll send you new justification.)

Use the following formula to calculate the Total Annual Cost of Manual Work Orders:

Total Time / Work Order (minutes)

x 1 Hour / 60 Minutes

x (A) Avg. No. of Techs / Shift

x (B) No. of Shifts / Day

x (C) Avg. No. of Work Orders / Tech

x (D) Work Days / Week

x (E) Work Weeks / Year

x (F) Avg. Hourly Wage Rate


$_____________________ / Year = Total Annual Cost of Manual Work Orders

Next, determine what percentage a mobile CMMS solution will make your operations more efficient and multiply it by the Total Annual Cost of Manual Work Orders to calculate your Annual Savings.

Annual Savings: _____% x Total Annual Cost of Manual Work Orders

And there you have it; justification for a mobile CMMS! :)

As I said in my last blog post, “Is Your CMMS A Work Order Printing Press,” mobile CMMS solutions abolish work order printing presses, save time and money, deliver accurate work order data, and enable techs to better utilize their time. Instead of making paper and CMMS work order updates, their time is better utilized performing maintenance and preventing failures. Eliminating paperwork and data entry also increases job satisfaction.

And don’t forget the savings in paper costs, too.

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About CMMS Data Group

Founded in 2000, CMMS Data Group is the market leader in CMMS software and services. Led by the award-winning MVP Plant™ CMMS software combined with its professional services and technical support, the Company also provides comprehensive Reliability Engineering Services. These solutions empower maintenance and reliability professionals to increase customer satisfaction, reliability, capacity, productivity, and profitability, delivering a competitive edge to their organization.

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