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G2 Names MVP Plant A Spring 2020 Momentum Leader

CMMS Data Group is proud to announce that G2 has, once again, named MVP Plant™ as one of the best CMMS solutions on the market today in its Spring 2020 Grid® Reports. This honor reflects our ongoing commitment to providing end users with the best CMMS software, enabling them to increase customer satisfaction, reliability, capacity, productivity, and profitability, delivering a competitive edge to their organization.

MVP Plant’s steep trajectory over its competitors is a significant testament to our customers and growth as a company, and we feel that this accolade is an early indicator that our flagship CMMS software will continue to be an industry leader.

G2’s quarterly Grid Reports rate products based on customer satisfaction and market presence as assessed by user reviews in addition to accumulated online and social data that satisfy the site’s scoring criteria.

Previously, G2 recognized MVP Plant in its Winter 2020 reports as a High Performer. We are proud to build on this success as we move up the ranks. In addition to the Spring 2020 High Performer acknowledgement, MVP Plant was also acknowledged as a Momentum Leader thanks to the software’s high satisfaction scores and expanding presence in the marketplace.

MVP Plant earned G2’s “Best Meets Requirements” distinction because it easily adapts to customer’s ever-changing business needs and requirements. To define and understand these needs and requirements, CMMS Data Group listens very closely and tracks all enhancement requests, always keeping the customer in the loop. In response, MVP Plant releases occur every four months and customers don’t have to wait  long to see improvements, new technologies, and enhancement requests including some of their own!

G2 reviewers also praised MVP Plant’s ease of use when evaluated alongside its competitors. The “Easiest to Use” badge validates our development team’s focus on building smart, simple, and intuitive software. MVP Plant’s easy-to-understand user interface helps end users complete their work quickly and efficiently. The drag and drop scheduler makes it easy to schedule work orders and assign technicians based on their skills and qualifications. MVP Plant’s batch editor allows for quick modifications of multiple records. The mobile CMMS app is quick and easy to use and guarantees complete and accurate data. Additionally, it increases productivity by allowing employees to spend more time on the floor maintaining equipment instead of walking back and forth to the shop to make computer updates. The bottom line is that MVP Plant is easy to use and enables users to work smarter and more efficiently.

Once again, we are honored that G2 named MVP Plant as one of the best CMMS and EAM solutions on the market today and will keep working hard to maintain this honor and to satisfy customers.

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About G2

G2 is the world’s largest tech marketplace where businesses can discover, review, and manage the technology they need to reach their objectives. In 2012, five entrepreneurs asked themselves, “Why is it easier to get unbiased information about a $100 hotel room than a $100,000 piece of software?” The next day, they founded G2. Today, more than 3M people visit to read and write authentic reviews about thousands of software products and professional services. So far, they have published over 1,000,000 reviews and over 4 million visitors are helping millions of businesses make better buying decisions — and reach their full potential.

About CMMS Data Group

Founded in 2000, CMMS Data Group is the market leader in CMMS software and services. Led by the award-winning MVP Plant™ CMMS software combined with its professional services and technical support, the Company also provides comprehensive Reliability Engineering Services. These solutions empower maintenance and reliability professionals to increase customer satisfaction, reliability, capacity, productivity and profitability, delivering a competitive edge to their organization.

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