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Evolution of the MORE! Conference

By Ruth Hughes, CMRP, Founder & CEO

MORE! stands for Maintenance, Operations & Reliability Excellence! and building a conference centered around MORE! has been one of my dreams come true.

Why Build a MORE! Conference?

I’ve been to many maintenance and reliability conferences where CMMS software was never discussed. CMMS vendors showcased their software but did not teach users how to use their software to achieve maintenance excellence. I’ve also been to CMMS conferences where maintenance and reliability best practices were never discussed. I thought to myself that this is silly because CMMS software is the foundation of maintenance and reliability programs and it’s difficult to achieve excellence without it. Hence, I knew I had to build a conference marrying CMMS with maintenance and reliability.

What Perked my Interest in Reliability?

Terry Harris

In March of 2006, I had the ultimate pleasure of meeting Mr. Terry Harris, founder & CEO of Reliable Process Solutions, at the RCM/EAM conference in Las Vegas. I was fortunate enough to have had a booth next to his because during the conference, he introduced me to reliability concepts. He even said, “A piece of equipment can run forever.” I couldn’t believe my ears. This was something that I had never heard before, even after being in the field for over eight years. Even my dad, who was an auto body mechanic, never said anything like this to me before. During the conference, Terry also taught me about the following predictive maintenance technologies:

  • Mechanical Ultrasound
  • Motion Amplification
  • Motor Circuit Testing
  • Non-Destructive Testing‎ (NDT)
  • Oil Analysis
  • Thermography
  • Vibration Analysis

His amazing words and knowledge left a lasting impression on me and I immediately knew that I had to share his words and knowledge with our customers and the rest of the world. That May, CMMS Data Group held its first equipment reliability training classes led by Terry Harris. Attendees learned how to make equipment operate 2-5 times longer! What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas but not in this case.


After meeting Terry, I still couldn’t figure out why equipment reliability was such a foreign concept in our field. I then thought back to my first days at DataStream in 1998 while getting trained as an MP2 CMMS software training consultant. Two things left a lasting impression on me. The 1st thing was when one of the training managers introduced John Moubray’s book, RCM II, to the class. I was so inspired by the brief RCM introduction that after class, I asked him if I could borrow his book and he said, “Yes.” The next day, when I went to talk him about what I had learned, he replied, “RCM only applies to high-risk, life-threatening industries such as the airline industry. You don’t need to worry about this,” and left it at that. Talk about crestfallen. I had been so excited to learn more only to be told no.

Don Nyman & Bill Mountjoy

The 2nd thing that left a lasting impression on me during MP2 consultant training was when our class was shown a short video clip of Don Nyman, the founding thought leader on maintenance excellence. During the clip, it showed Mr. Nyman in front of a huge audience passionately yelling (not talking, but yelling) about inventory.

“How much does this bearing cost? How much does this motor cost? How much does this and that cost? What? You don’t know? These are dollars we are talking about and you don’t think dollars aren’t important enough to manage? How absurd!

— Don Nyman

Because of my love for inventory and because I knew that this man knew what he was talking about, I was hooked and wanted to learn more. Unfortunately, I never pursued learning more from him but one of our latest new hires, Bill Mountjoy, CMRP, VP of Reliability Engineering, did. Don Nyman took Bill under his wing and gave him the knowledge to lead organizations to achieve maintenance excellence.

W. Edwards Deming & Dr. Mark R. Goldstein

And looking back even further to when I was pursuing my Bachelor of Science degree in manufacturing and operations management at IIT, I studied many great things including the great work of W. Edwards Deming, however, reliability concepts weren’t discussed. Dr. Mark R. Goldstein, another maintenance and reliability guru that I met along the way in 2006, said that he was a student of Dr. Deming and that Dr. Deming said that after quality comes reliability.

MORE! 2018

As a provider of MVP Plant, our award-winning CMMS software, I wanted to give users something more than just a CMMS user conference. I wanted to give them a conference where CMMS software AND maintenance and reliability topics were taught and discussed. I wanted users to be shown how to use MVP Plant to apply and support what they learned about achieving maintenance and reliability excellence. And so we did. We held our first MORE! conference in 2018 and it was a huge success.

MORE! 2019

We then held our 2nd conference, MORE! 2019, and attendance more than doubled. Again, it was a huge success. Click here to see pictures from the conference.

MORE! 2020

We look forward to MORE! 2020 but something has changed since MORE! 2019. We now have a Reliability Engineering division led by Bill Mountjoy to not only help MVP Plant users, but anyone else who would like to attend the conference regardless of what CMMS they use. Why? Under Bill’s direction, MORE! 2020 will teach users about the fifteen functional building blocks of maintenance excellence, how to drive their maintenance and reliability improvement process, and how to achieve maintenance excellence. Each reliability track will be followed by one of the following CMMS tracks, teaching users how to apply and support each maintenance and reliability best practice that was taught / discussed:

  • MVP Plant
  • MP2
  • All Others
“Bill Mountjoy’s years of dedication to reliability-centered maintenance makes him an invaluable source of information. Bill brought the Maintenance Excellence Status Assessment to 3 of our facilities giving us a tool to guide us to world-class maintenance status. His approach is smooth, his passion undeniable.

— Brian Poveromo, Senior Facilities & Maintenance Manager, American Eagle Outfitters

Regardless of what CMMS software users employ or where they are on their maintenance excellence journey, whether it be highly reactive or approaching world class, users will benefit from MORE! 2020.

MORE! 2021 & Beyond

My goal is to make the world more mechanically reliable and together, we can achieve this goal! To maintenance and reliability success!

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