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CMMS Data Group Promotes Jonathan Clark to Chief Operating Officer

Ruth Hughes, CMRP & CDG Founder & CEO

CMMS Data Group is proud to announce the promotion of Jonathan Clark to chief operating officer (COO).

Clark joined CMMS Data Group in 2006 as a software training consultant, helping customers implement CMMS software with setup assistance and training. He was promoted to director of professional services in 2007, overseeing management of the company’s professional services group, technical sales, and business development. This year, he was promoted to COO.

Clark ensures CMMS Data Group’s operational and administrative functions are carried out effectively by aligning the company’s departments, activities, and resources with its goals and strategies. Some of his responsibilities include defining software development requirements, conducting research on applications / productivity tools, developing strategic plans, orchestrating daily operations, managing budgets, negotiating hardware and software deals, and coaching the CMMS Data Group team.

Jonathan has also helped create, simplify, and perfect MVP Plant CMMS software by providing input on business logic and use cases, identifying enhancement opportunities, testing features, and approving changes. He helps deliver uninterrupted high-quality service to customers while ensuring businesses maintain substantial returns on their CMMS software investments.

Clark says he is honored to help ensure employees perform their jobs successfully and systematically. He functions as the eyes and ears for the company’s founder and CEO, Ruth Hughes, identifying and improving on company-wide windows of opportunity.

“Problem-solving is like putting together a puzzle. It’s hard to find the missing pieces when you can’t see the complete picture. As chief operating officer, I have the oversight, access, and resources to identify inefficiencies—the puzzle pieces—and implement comprehensive fixes throughout the company—the puzzle—by communicating information to relevant parties.

— Jonathan Clark

Hughes says Jonathan is invaluable and helps the company work smarter, not harder.

“He constantly researches the market for applications to make our jobs easier, making us better and more efficient. He then tests them out, and if they pass his approval, he negotiates the best deal and seamlessly implements them. Jonathan makes us better by helping us take advantage of today’s technology and is one of the reasons why we create amazing, award-winning software and deliver big-time results.

— Ruth Hughes

Clark still carries out many tasks that he performed as the director of professional services. Acting as the liaison between Technical Support and the development team is one of those tasks. As the liaison, he relays tech support feedback (bugs, tasks, enhancements) and details requirements for release items, equipping the development team with information needed to improve the software.

Click here to connect with Jonathan on LinkedIn or Contact Us today for more information!

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