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CMMS Data Group Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary!

When Ally Kopicki, our 1st internal graphic designer, sent me the final version of our 20th anniversary logo, my heartstrings were pulled. I cannot believe that it has been 20 years since I started CMMS Data Group (CDG) in 2000. The initial reason that I created it was to help CMMS users capture, control, and compare their CMMS data.

  • Capture (Barcode Scanners): From 1998 – 2000, every time that I finished training a maintenance team on their MP2™ CMMS software, they were overwhelmed and asked, “How do I get all the data into the system?” After hearing this question so many times, I wanted to give them an easy way to collect complete and accurate parts and work order data. Hence, MVP Capture™ for MP2 was created in 2000 and MVP Plant Mobile CMMS™ was created in 2009. My favorite feedback about collecting work order data with our solution was, “Now I know where my bad boys are and can focus my attention on them.”
  • Done!
  • Capture (PLC Integration): While working as the project manager for Hotel InterContinental’s engineering department from 1994 - 1997, I was tasked with setting up MP2 CMMS software for the hotel. During this time, I was exposed to Landis & Gyr’s struggle with integrating the hotel’s building automation system (BAS) with MP2. Hence, I knew someday that I would successfully integrate MP2 with 3rd party software. In 2008, we successfully integrated MP2 with PLCs and in 2012, we successfully integrated MVP Plant™ with PLCs. CMMS / PLC integration electronically populates CMMS software with equipment PLC data to initiate preventive and predictive work orders, saving maintenance departments time and money and preventing / predicting failures.
  • Done!
  • Control: I wanted to teach users how to create standard operating procedures (SOPs) to ensure complete and accurate CMMS data, reduce variation, train new hires, and ensure ongoing quality and success. And the beautiful thing is that once an SOP has been created, it can be improved over time.
  • Done!
  • Compare: Each time that I worked with a maintenance department, they asked me where they stood against the rest of the world. This question made me think back to my time when I worked as an operations analyst at The KMR Group from 1992 – 1997. The KMR Group benchmarked a drug's time to market for the pharmaceutical industry. For each metric, they would let a customer know where they stood against the industry average as well as the industry high and low values. I know that comparing metrics for our industry would be amazing so for the past 20 years, the idea has been brewing in my head and I hope to make it a reality in 2021.
  • Still in process. 😊

Looking back over the past 20 years, it is amazing to see how far we have come. We have:

  1. Trained and supported thousands of MP2 users and developed MP2 add-ons, helping them take full advantage of the benefits that MP2 has to offer and increase equipment reliability.
  2. Developed MVP Plant, the best CMMS available on the market today, and trained and supported thousands of MVP Plant users, helping them take full advantage of the benefits that MVP Plant has to offer and increase equipment reliability.
  3. Launched a reliability engineering division, helping maintenance departments increase equipment reliability.

And what I am about to write about next is what is most important to me. When a manufacturing plant's equipment is reliable, the plant is successful and makes money. When a country’s manufacturing plants are successful and make money, this leads to a strong manufacturing sector. When a country’s manufacturing sector is strong, jobs are available and the quality of life increases for its citizens. I wish this for all countries and our goal is to help as many manufacturing plants, locally and globally, become more reliable.

Regarding the last 20 years, thank you to everyone who has helped make CDG and me a success. Thank you to our customers for their business, for believing in us, and for their feedback. Their feedback has made our products and services what they are today. Thank you to our vendors and alliances for providing CDG the goods and services needed to make our customers a success. Thank you to my team for making my dream of creating a company to help CMMS users come true, not to mention developing, implementing, supporting, marketing, and selling MVP Plant. And thank you to all of my maintenance gurus (Bob Smith, Bill Mountjoy, Terry Harris, Mike Pratt, John Ott, Dr. Mark Goldstein, Mrs. Chris Tenhagen, and Jeff Decker) who I constantly contacted / bugged to get the truth of the matter from. And finally, thank you to everyone who shared your thoughts and ideas about how to improve maintenance and reliability with us. Please know that we are listening.

The amazing thing about the last 20 years is that we still have not even begun to scratch the surface of our success!!! The best is yet to come! Fasten your seatbelts, everyone! 😊

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