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CMMS Data Group Becomes SMRPCO Sustaining Sponsor

Ruth Hughes, CMRP & CDG Founder & CEO

CMMS Data Group is pleased that it is now a Sustaining Sponsor of the Society for Maintenance & Reliability Professionals Certifying Organization (SMRPCO), an accrediting body that has authority over the CMRP, CMRT, and CAMA certification processes and requirements, with the goal of promoting maintenance and reliability knowledge.

The sponsorship is part of CMMS Data Group’s initiative to help customers use their CMMS software to increase equipment reliability and transition their maintenance department from a cost center to a profit center. The sponsorship also provides CMMS Data Group the ability to host exams for the CMRP, CMRT, and CAMA certifications which are accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). By hosting these exams, CMMS Data Group prompts its customers to increase their reliability knowledge.

CMMS Data Group is also focused on ensuring its employees are CRMP certified so they possess the professional insight required to share reliability best practices with customers. They then can teach customers how to use MVP Plant™, the company’s award-winning CMMS software, to implement, support, and manage these best practices, turning theories into reality.

Organizations that invest in CMMS software and embrace reliability best practices are enabled to achieve maintenance excellence. Achieving maintenance excellence transitions Maintenance from a cost center to a profit center and results in the following (which contributes to company bottom-line profits):

  • Increased Asset Life
  • Improved Mechanical Uptime (World-Class Standard: 98%)
  • Increased Capacity & Reliability
  • Minimized Costs (Maintenance & Conversion)
  • Optimized Inventory (Reduces equipment downtime by up to 25%.)

CMMS Data Group’s vice president of reliability engineering, Bill Mountjoy, says this is an excellent opportunity to align the company’s goals with the premier certifying organization.

“Becoming an SMRPCO Sustaining Sponsor, and a member of the Advisory Council, allows CMMS Data Group to get further involved in supporting the mission to advance the knowledge and application of maintenance and reliability best practices. Furthermore, it provides extensive networking opportunities with some of the best practitioners in the industry. We’re proud to sponsor this organization and value the mutual benefits it can provide CMMS Data Group and our customers.

— Bill Mountjoy

CMMS Data Group is also an Executive Member (Industry Partner) of the Society for Maintenance and Reliability Professionals (SMRP), a professional organization (containing SMRPCO) comprised of members that provide resources for maintenance and reliability practitioners looking to improve their industry-related knowledge and skills.

SMRP offers many programs, services, and resources to reliability professionals including networking events, professional development webinars, international affiliations, domestic partnerships (public and private), the SMRP annual conference, the SMRP Library, SmartBrief curated news content, and the Solutions magazine.

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