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PM Development & Optimization

Learn how to evaluate PM strategies and determine the best mtc. strategy (run-to-failure, PM, or PdM) for each asset. Creating and optimizing PMs to increase reliability is discussed.

  • Planner/Schedulers
  • Reliability Engineers
  • Maintenance Engineers
  • Maintenance Management

Local administrators can import data into MVP One in batches.

  • Overview & Goals of PM Review Process
  • PM Core Team
  • Preliminary Site Activities
  • PM Tasks & Procedures Review
  • Asset Prioritization for PM Review
  • Quality Issue Review
  • Line Event Data System (LEDS) Data
  • Asset Criticality
  • Analytical Review
  • Post PM Review Activities
  • PM Task & Procedure Content Review
    • Task Description
    • PM Definition
    • Standard Forma
  • Analytical Review
    • Estimated vs. Actual PM Hours
    • Percentage of Failed PMs
    • Completed PMs Comments
    • Emergency Work / Corrective Work /
    • Downtime / RCAs by Asset
    • PMs on Similar Assets at Other Plants
  • Formal Review Process
    • Technicians
    • Line Experts
    • Operators
    • Top Failures
  • Repetitive Failures
    • Corrective Work
      • Operational Procedures
  • Next Steps of Formal Review Process
    • Capture and document changes
    • Determine the financial impact of changes
    • Update Master Tracking Matrix

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